Who’s the Boss?

If you live in New Jersey and love Rock & Roll, you might answer, Bruce Springsteen.  Well, at least I would as a Jersey Girl and long time Bruce fan. After seeing him in concert for the dozenth time this past week, I am still astonished by his vitality, resilience, and stamina performing for 4 hours at 66 years old with unquenchable joy and mastery. So I stand by my choice. But really what I want to muse about today is how to be my own boss while emanating these same qualities. Because, really, no one is the boss of you except you, and these qualities are inherent in each of us. But until we claim our power and stop giving it away to others and claim these qualities with authority, we can allow other people, ideas and lesser vibratory thoughts, feelings and actions to be the boss of us.

vacationI have been on vacation for the past two weeks. When we vacation, we vacate our ordinary lives in order to relax and recreate. As we have discovered in the Twelve Conditions of a Miracle, the first condition is emptiness. Vacation allows us to create this space where we can then truly re-create. It is important to do this. To let go of the busyness of our lives and our focus on working and doing and simply be. To get quiet so we can hear the call of our soul and the voice of our higher self. I have had a glorious experience in this space and feel the fullness of the abundant Spirit to re-create more love, peace, prosperity and joy in my life. But it did take a turning away, a looking within, a letting go.

Now that I am returning to work that I love, I can also feel the pull to get busy again, catch up, work harder, make sure all bases are covered, fill in the moments with activity. While I certainly do want to re-create a level of competency and efficiency, I also want to create more balance and harmony in my life. In order to do this I must remember that I am the one in charge of what and how much I do. That I must continue to have enough time in the emptiness to fill up on God. That I must keep my attention on the abundant Spirit within that gives me the clarity and guidance to do what is required without. That I must not allow the outer circumstances, conditions, or other people to dictate where my thoughts, beliefs and attention will go. They are not the boss of me. My glorious soul that is already complete and aligned with Spirit  is my true authority.

From this true concept of myself I too can be like The Boss. I can be resilient and take charge when my thoughts go astray. I can have the stamina to stay committed to my convictions for at least 4 hours (when sometimes I can’t remain there for 4 minutes). And I will truly feel the vibration of joy that is my true inner nature.

This is how we can all be the master of our own minds. Since we all agree that our thoughts, beliefs and self concepts create our experience of our objectified reality, let’s get bossy with any thought, any belief and any concept of ourselves that is less than the amazing and awesome individualized expression of Spirit that we are. I have always been told I was bossy, so this isn’t that hard for me. But even this I need to turn within. It is not about actually bossing around other people in our lives — we are not the boss of them — but simply to be our own inner authority. To fine tune our awareness so we catch those errant thoughts before they take over and be bossy with them. To catch our attention before it gets focused and attached to the outer conditions (which are only a reflection of a past consciousness) and be firm in bringing our attention back to God, back to abundance, back to love.

This is the way to truly re-create our lives. Whether you have just been on vacation or not, vacate your habitual way of being, thinking and acting for 4 minutes (or go for the 4 hours) and let the stamina of your soul resonate joy through your entire being. As Bruce would say, “Baby, we were Born to Run.” I say, we were born to run on love and joy! Work on that, and only that, this Labor Day Weekend.

Blessings beloveds,
Rev. Janice

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