Truth That Will Blow Your Mind

mindblown copyGrowing up in the ’60s and ’70s, I often heard, “Hey man, this will blow your mind!” And I stayed away from whatever that was, not only because it probably wasn’t going to be really good for me, but also because I was more interested in keeping everything in my mind controlled, safe and just as it was.

When I started on my spiritual path, I began to hear higher Truths that certainly threatened to undermine my carefully held and protected beliefs. Very early on in my journey, I also discovered that my carefully constructed and controlled ego mind did need a major “blow out” in order to make room and allow for these higher Truths and beliefs to enter and take hold in my consciousness. For instance, when I first heard that God within is the source and substance of all of my abundance, and not my job or my spouse or anyone outside of me, that blew my mind. And yet, my ego instantly went to work to reconstruct the logical belief that of course the outside forms were responsible for my prosperity since I can see them, and I can’t visibly see what is inside of me.

The Abundance BookFast forward 20 years, and I am still working with allowing this one belief to really blow my limited, fearful, cautious, and controlled mind. I am participating, along with many of you, in the 40 Day Prosperity Program that affirms this Truth every day, and I am still waiting for it to blow my small mind that is often insistent on focusing on that which is already in form, and not the infinite, invisible potential. Sure, I have made progress. Sure, I have had points in my life that I have been consistent in holding this higher conviction. I have let that Truth blow out parts of my small, lower mind, but too often I patched it up with an old belief because of fear and that ever-present outside condition that has still not shifted enough.

I had an interesting experience this past week that objectified my inner struggle and gave me a clear nudge. I have a tire on my car that has had minor damage on a few occasions this past year, causing it to lose air. I will get an indication of low tire pressure. so I take it to the mechanic and they patch it up. So far I have 3 patches in the same tire. The other day I was driving to work and I did not get an indication of low tire pressure, but the tire blew out completely. This time, there was no patching it up again; this time I needed to get a new tire.

Jesus, the master teacher, taught that you cannot put new wine into old wine sacks. Even though that may be literally true, the symbolic meaning is that we cannot put our new and higher beliefs and our higher visions of the life we would love to live into an old consciousness. We are given wonderful desires from Spirit, we are shown ways to live our dreams and our highest aspirations, but we often still try to bring the outside in. We try to bring our dreams into an old consciousness when we know we must first blow the old away.

So, one new tire later, I got the message Universe; thanks a lot. Actually, I am grateful,  because now I am even more committed to no longer applying these patches that make my fearful ego mind feel ok in the moment and just for the moment. Heck, that would be like partaking of the substances in the ’60s and ’70s that blew your mind temporarily so that you could feel ok temporarily. I am committed to not just applying a temporary patch, but to truly changing my consciousness.

In our ongoing series, last week we talked about the 7th Condition of a Miracle, which revealed the true meaning of “looking up to heaven” as restoring your true vision by focusing on Source. And where is Source, within. And what mind do we use to establish this link with Source, our higher mind, the Divine Mind, the Christ Mind. We cannot restore our vision if we keep focusing on the lower ego mind, or if we keep patching it up.

I found a great video this week that offers 10 tips to raising your consciousness, or restoring your vision, or blowing your mind to allow your Higher Mind to become the wheels that drive the vehicle of your life. So if you are ready to blow your mind, take a look! Watch the video below.

Blessings beloveds,
Rev. Janice

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