Seize The Day

I love bold statements! I am always inspired by invitations to “Seize the Day,” “Live your Best Life Now,” “Give your Greatest Gifts.” And I do try to follow these bold edicts by living my life fully and purposefully. However, sometimes I also notice that my ego mind can lead me astray by only thinking that my life is full and purposeful when I am taking really big actions or living an outrageously amazing life. This is when I need to stop and remind myself that to “Be Here Now” is really the boldest invitation and action I can possibly take.

dreamstime_s_3620453To be here now is great when we love where we are. To seize the day when we are on vacation, or with loved ones, or out in nature is easy, we can all do that. But to seize the day when we are at a job that isn’t feeding our soul, or getting a root canal,  yeah… not so easy. Our mind will ask, why would we want to seize that? Instead it will invite us to run away and only come back and be present when we love what we are doing that day. Sorry, it just doesn’t work that way.

Here’s how it works. Every single day is a gift. Every single moment is packed with extraordinary opportunities to see the beauty, magic and magnificence of this most amazing world and we get to be here to experience that, if we are here now in however our life is unfolding minute by minute. Yes, even a root canal can be a gift, when we are looking for what is good. That is how it works, look for the good.  Intend to see the good, because there is so much good available, when we seize the moment and not let it go until we find the beauty and goodness that is there.

We have been talking about miracles this year and creating the conditions to experience them. Very often, we are looking for the BIG one, the one that will heal us and our lives, but while that is unfolding (and I am sure it is),  let us not overlook all the small everyday miracles that are the stepping stones on our journey. When we take our eyes off the final destination, and see every miracle that is right in front of us, our whole life feels like a miracle and a beautiful gift.

So my bold nature has moved me to take the bold invitation, Carpe Diem and make it even bolder, Carpe Momento, Seize the Moment. Yes, I know this isn’t new; we talk about present moment awareness all the time, but I need to be reminded of it again and again. I easily get pulled into the busyness of my day and forget to seize the moments.

One of our beloved board members shared a beautiful story with us at our meeting the other night. She is also practicing being here now in a bold way. That morning at work, she was also being pulled into her busy day, running off to a meeting to arrive on time. As she passed someone on the way, she initially gave them a half-hearted greeting so she wouldn’t be late. And then she had the awareness to stop to be right there, right then, and offered a full-hearted greeting. It happened to be the other women’s birthday and by stopping she was able to appreciate and celebrate her, which made her friend’s day and also filled her heart with joy. That is how it works.

dreamstime_xs_7126993To seize the day in a conscious way, make a bold intention every morning to be present in every moment with awareness, appreciation and celebration. Intention is the key that turns on the ignition switch of the Universe. Since our day unfolds based on our consciousness, why not intend to see the good in all things today. Why not intend to notice the small gifts and miracles that present themselves to you all day, no matter what you are doing. This is how your whole life can become a miracle.

And yes, that goes for the people in your life too. See the good in them! It is there, if you look deep enough. Seize every opportunity with every person you encounter, to see the good in them, to appreciate it and celebrate it. Since we are all connected, you will experience your own good in greater and greater ways. That is how it works.

I found a very cool video this week from the perspective of Judaism… yes we are all connected. Check it out and see the good.

Blessings beloveds,
Rev. Janice

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