Our Minister

Our Minister

Meet Rev. Michelle Wadleigh


Rev. Michelle Wadleigh here to introduce myself to you. Your board has engaged me to be a placeholder for you and your beloved community, as together we usher in your next Spiritual Leader. I will be speaking several times a month. Some of you know me, but to most of you I am new, for that purpose, I offer you some background.

Rev. Michelle Wadleigh

I have been in metaphysics my entire life, so I was reared in a belief system totally complimentary to Unity and New Thought. I am the founding Spiritual Leader of the Center for Spiritual Living North Jersey, currently in Caldwell, NJ. Recently, the decision was made to have my position be part-time which is the result of the impact of Covid-19. Since we inherently believe that God is good all the time, our community is trusting that this is perfect in its entirety. And so, the door was open for me to serve YOU and your beautiful community.

Please know that when you have had a beloved minister as your leader for as long as you have, you will undoubtedly be experiencing some grief and upset, this is normal. Rev. Janice and I have been friends for about 20 years, and so I bless her on her life’s journey. I am absolutely certain that your hearts are tender right now. I request that you allow that within yourself because I would not expect anything else. It is also natural to look at me with questioning and automatic doubt, this too is natural. This is the reason for having an interim minister. As interim minister, I am here to have a gentle touch while offering leadership support and guidance over the next six months.

Your board will be opening discussions that will invite opinions and commentary regarding the next iteration of Unity of Sussex County. I will be right there behind them, supporting them and loving them through this time of change. Please be prepared to speak and to have your opinion matter.

In my community, I am known as someone who creates a safe place and I am a bit of a mamma bear. Having said that, I lean on Spiritual Principles with great zest and conviction. My faith is strong. Prayer, which is at the foundation of Unity, is the greatest tool that we have. I am one that will always encourage prayer. I hope that we will find time to pray together over the next six months.

If you would like to get to know me a bit more, feel free to check out my Facebook pages.

My Rev Jersey Girl page
My personal page

Family is especially important to me. I was the last of seven children, born and raised in New Jersey. I have three sons and two grandchildren, so family is a top priority to me.

Most importantly, I am here for you, to speak to you and pray with you through this short time we have together. Please do not hesitate to reach out to me. I look forward to meeting each and every one of you especially once we can meet again in person.

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