Our Labyrinth


Our Labyrinth with Peace Pole, which was dedicated at our 1st Annual Peace Festival held on May 1, 2010

Our Labyrinth

To enter the labyrinth is to choose to walk a sacred path. ~ Dr. Lauren Artess

Our seven-circuit labyrinth was built by our Spiritual Community on November 11, 2007, from rocks that each member brought from their home.  The rocks were then blessed, and our labyrinth was created.  There were exactly enough rocks!

The power of walking the path of the labyrinth is in its simplicity.  The labyrinth represents an orderly path to quiet the mind, and as the body moves into a peaceful rhythm of walking, one becomes more closely in tune with Spirit.  Step-by-step, one becomes more receptive to insight and illumination.

The labyrinth is a walking meditation, a devotional act of worship, and a sacred celebration of life.  Walking the path is a personal experience and an opportunity for a closer walk with God.

All are welcome to come and experience our labyrinth, which is located behind the pine trees on the left curve of our upper driveway.  Let the Peace Pole be your guide!

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