Every Day is Election Day

dreamstime_xs_58901956I promise, this musing is NOT about the candidates; enough already! And if you know me even a little you can safely guess who I am voting for on Tuesday. This is, however, about voting. I am hoping that everyone consciously votes for the candidate of their choice because the conscious choice is what is most important. And even more important is to remember that we have that same invitation to make conscious choices every day, not just in November. Why… because we are the ones who are choosing our experience of our objectified reality. That is the Law of Consciousness. Sorry, can’t change that because you don’t like what you see. But you can change it by electing to see it differently… every day… in every moment. And the other part of the Law of Consciousness is that you are making these choices anyway… so the question is: Are you doing it consciously or unconsciously?

First you have to shift from unconscious thought. You know, running on automatic, letting your past beliefs and past experience shape your current reality. It requires waking up and looking at the situation from our wholeness and not from our conditioned mind. In each moment of awareness, you can choose how to direct your attention.  You can choose to look differently at your experience and reframe what you see.

If you are a practicing student of Metaphysics, you know this. If you have been participating in our current series/classes on The I of the Storm, you have been practicing this. And we have all been getting lots of opportunities to practice in the political climate of this election. How ripe it is for opinions, judgments, outrage, and then, of course… healing.  ecause we are all being asked to elect a greater perspective, a higher more conscious choice not just of the president we want to represent our country, but the consciousness we want to embody ourselves. It seems clear from the candidates which one we wouldn’t choose to carry forth a perspective of acceptance and a more loving and cooperative approach to life. Are we just as clear with our own thoughts, perspectives, and actions?  Do we choose to be loving and accepting of ourselves and others in every moment? I know I don’t. Sometimes I even forget that I have that choice. I often live from the structures, routines and habits that I have created to feel safe and in control of this wild world.

This election has reminded me, over and over to stay in love… no, not with the “other” candidate’s ego and personality, but within myself. To elect the higher point of view that whatever needs to fall away (within myself) and in the world today is being dismantled and falling away, even though it is fighting (dirty) to hold on.  I know some of the structures and beliefs in me hold on that way sometimes too. So, I trust that what is happening out there is part of the same transformation process that occurs in our inner world. We continue to elect higher thoughts and feelings of love and acceptance and faith and understanding, over and over again because the redemptive power of love will defeat anything unlike itself.

So consciously vote on Tuesday for the candidate that represents the highest ideals to you and consciously vote in every moment for the same ideals to out-picture in your world through conscious thought and conscious choice.  Click on the link below and get started.

Blessings Beloveds,
Rev. Janice

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