August 2 Sunday Service

God as a Spiritual Practice with Guest Speaker Toni Hamilton

Taking on the challenge of finding my connection with Spirit, (“God”) and truly living from the God-self has been a life-long dance. It has been a journey of reflection, research, study, rehearsals, surprise exams…  There have been times of dangerous, lonely treks into the abyss, exalted pas de deux, solos and again the mysterious dance with the Divine and my limited human self. Always, the questions, the unknown and how to alchemize fear into trust, figure out “what’s mine to do” and how to do it well so that I don’t leave here without contributing in a valuable way. Come share a few moments of my journey and I will share my heart, experiences and tools that have supported me.

Toni Hamilton is a vocalist and licensed and head practitioner for nine years serving the Center for Spiritual Living North Jersey. Toni comes with a rich history of Religious Science. She has been influenced by a wide variety of Religious Science teachers and mentors. She brings her Science of Mind (SOM) experience which has been enriched with her own worldly experiences and a long, deep personal journey to bring a profound and unique point of view to New Thought. Toni is known to friends and family as a woman of high and unyielding integrity. She allows her integrity to speak through her in a passionate and clear way. Your heart will be touched as your mind is enriched.