Fierce Prayer

I no longer prayer politely. Oh sure, I say thank you, but as Eric Butterworth points out, I see gratitude as a causitive energy, not good manners. Prayer for me has evolved from petitioning God to claiming and accepting my good. And yes, in my occasional dark moments, there is still some begging and pleading, but even then I try to remember that the power in prayer is that it is not for God, but for me… for my conscious acceptance of the absolute and unconditional givingness of Spirit.

World Day of PrayerThis week was Unity World Day of Prayer. A day when millions of people around the world request prayer for themselves, their loved ones, and for the world. For 24 hours, there are individuals at Silent Unity and Unity Centers across the globe who align their consciousness with the vibration of God’s highest light and speak the names of those who are open to receive this light so that healing and wholeness can be embodied. It is a beautiful, simple act of love that yields profound and perfect results, if we could each accept and receive the results. I believe that this is one of the keys to answered prayer.

Why do we think our prayers are not answered? There are many reasons and many books written on this topic and I do not claim to have the answer for everyone, only for myself.  When it seems that my prayers are not answered it is usually for two reasons. One, I am not being fierce in my belief that I am worthy to receive this perfect solution. And this still happens to me, even though I conceptually know the truth – that everyone is worthy to receive the unconditional love and goodness that Spirit is continuously giving. The prayer for me then becomes (because it is for my consciousness and not for God) to fully embody this truth and to accept it completely with the deepest willingness to receive it entirely.

The second reason that it seems my prayers aren’t answered is that I am not being fierce in my commitment to align with the vibration of that which I am praying for. It is a metaphysical principle that you can only fully receive that which you are a vibrational match for.

So, when I pray to know prosperity, am I aligning with the vibration of abundance in my thoughts and actions? Am I actively generous, spacious and appreciative? Am I maintaining the consciousness of abundance even when outside conditions appear differently? When I pray for health and wholeness, am I allowing myself to not only eat healthy and care for my body, but also to think healthy? Are my thoughts predominately positive or negative? Fierce prayer requires me to live in faith and trust. To stay open and allow God’s Light to move through me instead of letting fear and doubt have it’s way with me. Fierce prayer is Affirmative Prayer, the way we pray in Unity. Speaking only words of Truth in the present moment, claiming that it is already done and aligning with the positive vibration of this truth in our minds and hearts.

If you feel that your prayers are not being answered, try being fierce with your commitment to feel worthy and willing to receive and guard your vibration. Because the truth is – your prayers are already answered – as soon as you asked, it was given. Once you can really accept this Truth, you can soften, and let it in. You don’t have to be fierce with God, only your own self image that forgot that “ye are gods.”

Blessings beloveds,
Rev. Janice