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Welcome, friends! Thank you for experiencing our website. Here you can discover ideas and concepts that represent an extraordinary life. Unity offers a profound spiritual teaching and powerful tools that lead to personal growth and real transformation when studied and applied. My life is an amazing and joyous testament to the spiritual Truths that I have embraced, and now have the honor to teach.  Please visit this page often, as I will update it with inspirational messages based on current Sunday lessons and Spiritual Education classes being taught at our Center.

Peace & blessings galore,
Rev. Janice Biller

Boldly Create What You Love

“Beam me up, Scotty!”  Yes, I am a Trekkie (another secret revealed). Even if you are not a Star Trek fan, how great would it be to have the ability to beam up, or out of a situation that has become unpleasant, uncomfortable or even dangerous, in an instant? How cool would it be to beam ourselves right into our greatest dreams and visions? Well, it may not be as futuristic as you think, when seen from a metaphysical perspective. So much of what science fiction portrays is actually available to us in the dimension of consciousness. And that is very cool!

So, being the good Trekkie that I am, I went to see the new Star Trek movie last weekend when it was released. Actually Rich and I went after Service on Sunday. My topic had been What Do You Love? Not, how do you get what you love, or when will you get what you love, but just defining what is in your heart, what fills you with love, what allows you to release the energy of love into the world.

mind powerAs I have been speaking about all month, and actually what we have been exploring all year in The 12 Conditions of a Miracle, is about raising your consciousness to see a new and higher vision for your life. Visualizing yourself doing more of what you love, and experiencing more love. This can be in any area of your life — your relationships, your job and career, your health and activities and even with your finances. What would you love to do? And let yourself “go boldly where no one has gone before,” even you in your own imagination.

So now we get to the part of knowing what we we love and would love to be doing, but what usually follows is, HOW do I get there? As I wrote about last week, this is the question that actually interrupts the beautiful process of unfoldment that the Universe has already begun. So enter “Scotty.” The Star Trek crew got into the Transporter and they were taken from where they were, to where they wanted to go. We know where we are currently in our lives and by asking, What do you love? we know where we want to go. So let’s enter the Transporter (which is… our consciousness) and do what “Scotty” says…do you remember? ENERGIZE!

Our role, as any good Trekkie will tell you, is not to figure out how the Transporter works to take you from here to there, but to energize while in the transporter (our consciousness) with the vibration of that which we wish to FEEL once we get there. We must feel the love already. We must raise our inner vibration to align with the love while we are still in the same relationship, job, body or financial situation and then, and only then, we are beamed up to that higher plane where we live the new and higher idea. You may have heard this question before, “Where is your consciousness?” It is important to explore that, but just as important is, “Where is your vibration in consciousness?”

This is the Law of Attraction in it’s most obvious form. We cannot experience that which we desire to achieve if we are not a vibrational match for it. If we don’t energize our own emotional frequencies with love, we can’t attract that which we love. If you go to work everyday hating your job and complaining about it and maintaining the vibration of discourse, disharmony and displeasure, no matter how hard Scotty is working on your behalf to beam you the heck out of there, you will stay on that barren planet, perhaps even cursing “him” for not doing his job. Make your own analogies, but I think you get my point.

So even though the answer appears simple, like many other answers on this wonderful Spiritual Path, it is not always easy to do. And there are nuances. Feeling love no matter what you are doing and who you are with doesn’t mean to be inauthentic or to just make the best of an unpleasant or difficult situation. It means to use the divine discontent to spur a new desire of what you would love, to vision and see yourself doing that which you love, to energize your entire consciousness and being with feeling that love and then to continue to be where you are, doing the best you can not to focus on what isn’t working or spending your energy complaining about it. Instead, continue to think of what you love and trust in the spiritual technology that is transporting you there.

This path requires an enterprising nature that does not give up even after what may seem like failed attempts or after you think too much time has elapsed. Remember, you can be beamed up in an instant, so hop on the Starship Enterprise in your mind, Energize and go boldly where you have not gone before. And most importantly enjoy the ride!

Energize first with the Wave of Love by watching the video below.

Blessings beloveds,
Rev. Janice

Inquiring Minds Want to Know

questionInquiry brings discovery. Throughout human history, questioning what was, led to what was next.  The greatest inventions, explorations and discoveries evolved from the questioning mind. However, questions have also led to suppression and punishment. If you asked the wrong questions, ones that threatened the status quo, the outcome might not be so pleasant. There are many examples of that in history as well. On a lesser, more personal level,  I have some painful reminders of questioning some aspects of theology with the nuns in Catholic school. And I think we all have heard our parents answer our innocent questions with, “because I said so.” Funny, as the roles reversed and I became the parent, all of a sudden I found I couldn’t question my own teenage daughter, without getting the answer, “Whatever!” (insert attitude).

What this reveals to me is that as natural as it is for our minds to question, it’s the nature of the question that can lead us to the greatest outcome. Even more importantly, it’s not being attached to an answer or getting the right answer, because that can upset the whole process. Perhaps we would be more effective if we adopted the answer of the younger generation, “Whatever!” (minus the attitude).

I have heard it said often, “live in the question.” This never made sense to my mind that always wanted to get the right answer. As my spiritual journey has progressed, this has become more and more of my practice. Certainly if I am doing some practical task that requires an exact answer, or working with numbers, yes I still want the right answer. But when asking questions about life, about my true self, and most certainly about God, then living in the question continues to reveal a deeper and deeper meaning. So when I think I do have an answer, I know it is time to go deeper into the question. This is what we are discovering in the summer series How, Then, Shall We Live? And this is what I am also discovering in the 40 Day Prosperity Plan.

mindblown copyLast week I talked about Truth that will blow your mind. Ok, that was just to prepare you for this Truth. Ready??? When praying for ourselves or others, shifting consciousness, or manifesting desires, it is never our job to question Why or How. And yet, these are the questions that probably occupy our mind most of the time. When we look at our past, or at the things that are showing up in our lives now or in the world, our mind may scream, “WHY?” Sure, it is an interesting mental exercise to pursue this query, but let’s be honest; even when we think we have the right answer, so what? Now there’s a good question, “So What?” Another good question, “What now?” That is the question that opens us to our own heart, and really prompts the answer to “What is mine to do?” It is imperative that we ask these questions: “What are my gifts?” “What are my heartfelt desires?” “What do I love?” “How is God longing to express through me?” “What is God’s highest vision of me living with abundance, purpose and joy?” “What am I here to create?”

Now, those are some good questions. And allowing the answers to be felt and feeling worthy of living in this way is worth our sincere efforts. I think we all have practiced this.  This series will give us more practice. Let yourself live in these higher questions. Let yourself receive answers and then go deeper. And then allow yourself to use the conditions of a miracle that we are also embodying this year. Ground the idea in your heart, feel yourself living from the end, already being, having and doing that which is yours to be, do and have. And, that’s it! What? What do you mean, that’s it? What about HOW to make these things happen? There you are; that is the other question that disrupts the Universe from it’s job… “How do I make this happen?”

uncertaintyWell, basically, you can’t or at least not in the way that is most efficient, most pleasing, most joyous, most graceful, and the highest good for all. The Universe (God, Spirit, Life, whatever), which is omnipotent, omniscient, and omnipresent, is the only power capable of divinely arranging the perfect unfoldment of your greatest dreams and heartfelt desires, whether it is peace in the world, or peace in your family. It is not your responsibility to make the perfect plan to get there. If that was possible, you would already be there, because, let’s face it, most of us have spent our lives as planners (I still have endless lists to prove it). Sure, we can plan our day and plan for our vacations, but to plan to live from a new and higher consciousness… that is a God job. We can’t plan that from our present state of consciousness. We need that middle step, that leap from here to there, which is why we must let go of that step… of the question of HOW can I ever get from here to there, and leave it to the Higher Power. Hence, “let go and let God. That is the step that is not ours to do; it is in the hands of the great mystery. Of course, our minds love to solve mysteries, but we are not meant to be spiritual sleuths. I actually think of it as spiritual malpractice. The How? even the When? is unfolding in a way that is way beyond our current understanding. I also have wonderful proof of this in my life. The huge transformations and demonstrations that I have experienced were not through my careful planning and effort, but from visioning and prayer. So now I have adopted (and sometimes with attitude), How…ever! and When…ever! And I keep doing my job of asking the questions that will allow me to continue to evolve and receive… What is the greatest expression of God in my heart? And then feeling myself living that already, actually aligning with the vibration of living that life, without waiting for conditions to change and trusting the Universe to do it’s job… bringing about the means in the easiest and most graceful way.

So if you find yourself stuck in any area of your life, especially if it is a dark place, observe what questions you are asking. Notice if you are trying to figure out how to get out of where you are and spending too much time planning how to do it. Just as the headlights of a car show us the next patch of road we must navigate in the dark, when you are moving from a dark place into the light, just take the next step that is revealed to you; just feel the next highest vibration you can feel. Don’t try to plan the whole journey because with each step you are taken into a higher consciousness. Enjoy the ride, enjoy the mystery… Whatever it is!

Nobody talks about the mystery (or in their words, vortex) and the art of creation like Abraham Hicks. This week’s video is a bit longer, but well worth watching.

Blessings beloveds,
Rev. Janice

Truth That Will Blow Your Mind

mindblown copyGrowing up in the ’60s and ’70s, I often heard, “Hey man, this will blow your mind!” And I stayed away from whatever that was, not only because it probably wasn’t going to be really good for me, but also because I was more interested in keeping everything in my mind controlled, safe and just as it was.

When I started on my spiritual path, I began to hear higher Truths that certainly threatened to undermine my carefully held and protected beliefs. Very early on in my journey, I also discovered that my carefully constructed and controlled ego mind did need a major “blow out” in order to make room and allow for these higher Truths and beliefs to enter and take hold in my consciousness. For instance, when I first heard that God within is the source and substance of all of my abundance, and not my job or my spouse or anyone outside of me, that blew my mind. And yet, my ego instantly went to work to reconstruct the logical belief that of course the outside forms were responsible for my prosperity since I can see them, and I can’t visibly see what is inside of me.

The Abundance BookFast forward 20 years, and I am still working with allowing this one belief to really blow my limited, fearful, cautious, and controlled mind. I am participating, along with many of you, in the 40 Day Prosperity Program that affirms this Truth every day, and I am still waiting for it to blow my small mind that is often insistent on focusing on that which is already in form, and not the infinite, invisible potential. Sure, I have made progress. Sure, I have had points in my life that I have been consistent in holding this higher conviction. I have let that Truth blow out parts of my small, lower mind, but too often I patched it up with an old belief because of fear and that ever-present outside condition that has still not shifted enough.

I had an interesting experience this past week that objectified my inner struggle and gave me a clear nudge. I have a tire on my car that has had minor damage on a few occasions this past year, causing it to lose air. I will get an indication of low tire pressure. so I take it to the mechanic and they patch it up. So far I have 3 patches in the same tire. The other day I was driving to work and I did not get an indication of low tire pressure, but the tire blew out completely. This time, there was no patching it up again; this time I needed to get a new tire.

Jesus, the master teacher, taught that you cannot put new wine into old wine sacks. Even though that may be literally true, the symbolic meaning is that we cannot put our new and higher beliefs and our higher visions of the life we would love to live into an old consciousness. We are given wonderful desires from Spirit, we are shown ways to live our dreams and our highest aspirations, but we often still try to bring the outside in. We try to bring our dreams into an old consciousness when we know we must first blow the old away.

So, one new tire later, I got the message Universe; thanks a lot. Actually, I am grateful,  because now I am even more committed to no longer applying these patches that make my fearful ego mind feel ok in the moment and just for the moment. Heck, that would be like partaking of the substances in the ’60s and ’70s that blew your mind temporarily so that you could feel ok temporarily. I am committed to not just applying a temporary patch, but to truly changing my consciousness.

In our ongoing series, last week we talked about the 7th Condition of a Miracle, which revealed the true meaning of “looking up to heaven” as restoring your true vision by focusing on Source. And where is Source, within. And what mind do we use to establish this link with Source, our higher mind, the Divine Mind, the Christ Mind. We cannot restore our vision if we keep focusing on the lower ego mind, or if we keep patching it up.

I found a great video this week that offers 10 tips to raising your consciousness, or restoring your vision, or blowing your mind to allow your Higher Mind to become the wheels that drive the vehicle of your life. So if you are ready to blow your mind, take a look! Watch the video below.

Blessings beloveds,
Rev. Janice

Freedom is Just a Thought Away

This past weekend, Rich and I went to Bethel Woods, the actual site of the Woodstock Festival in 1969. And even though Rich aptly remarked when we arrived, “By the time we got to Woodstock, it was over for 47 years.” the energy of peace, love and freedom was still there.

museumThere is an amazing museum on the grounds that not only captures the history of Woodstock, but also the birth of a freedom and independence of a new generation. It was my generation that began to have a strong voice for peace and “no war” and for freedom on all fronts, including  those right here at home. Freedom for all the races, genders, sexual preferences and styles of music.

It was wildly appropriate to be there over the 4th of July weekend, when we celebrate freedom and independence. All month I have been talking about the freedom to be our authentic self, and being among the boldness of that infamous weekend in 1969 gave me a jolt of creativity. The kind of jolt that reminds me that I am the one who creates my experience of freedom and independence, along with abundance and peace and love, and that everything that happens in my life is an opportunity to fine tune this creation.

One outstanding fact that I learned in the museum was about Richie Havens. So, since I’ve already dated myself, how many of you can remember that he was the first performer at Woodstock? That I also knew, but what I learned was that he wasn’t originally scheduled to perform so he didn’t have much material prepared. When he was done, the organizers told him he had to keep playing because none of the other bands were there yet (yes, we all remember the traffic and the groups being taken in by helicopter). But he had nothing. So  he created on the spot. What song did he create?  F R E E D O M! Yes, the song that became the unofficial anthem of Woodstock, Freedom, was created in the moment by Richie Havens. And he did it under pressure.

What can we learn from this? Often, it takes pressure, a challenge, a crisis before we are moved to create something new, even if it means something better. We finally feel on some level that we need to be free of whatever the conditions were before or we will die (figuratively or literally).  As we will discuss this week in the 7th condition of a miracle, any change begins first with a thought. Unity is a “New Thought” movement. One of our tenants is “change your thinking, change your life.” We actually already have the freedom to do that in every single moment. We really don’t need the pressure, the challenge or the crisis.

So whether your life is a dream or some part is a nightmare, you have the freedom to create a higher dream in this moment, and it’s only a thought away. Just like Richie Havens created Freedom on the spot, so can you.

Since it is “Throwback Thursday,” the video I offer this week was taken way back at Woodstock. Take a minute to watch the intensity as Richie aligns with the creative power and creates “Freedom.”

Awakened Thinking

“There is an almost sensual longing for communion with others who have a larger vision.  The immense fulfillment of the friendships between those engaged in furthering the evolution of consciousness has a quality almost impossible to describe.” ~ Pierre Teilhard de Chardin

There is a great awakening happening on the planet. It is experienced as a quickening, a stirring of the soul. Can you feel it? Are you moved by it? Are you excited about it?  Here at Unity, we are aware of our responsibility as Truth students in this time of accelerated changes. We are at a point where we are being called to transform and transcend more certainly and rapidly than ever before. We recognize that we are the first species to become conscious that we are evolving and that we can render ourselves extinct by our own behavior or involve ourselves toward an unknown future by our own creation. We are creative in the sense that we are the Intelligence which directs the energy of Spirit into our human form and experience.  The principles of this teaching and the essence of every great spiritual teaching based in love has prepared us for this next phase of our conscious evolution.

If you have glimpsed this larger vision and seek communion with others, you will certainly find the fulfillment of friendships and spiritual community of like minded individuals here at Unity of Sussex County. As the Spiritual Leader, I am commited to the evolution of consciousness and the emergence of love and cooperation as the dominant vibration of the new reality being birthed on our planet right now.  I would love for you to join me!