August 16 Sunday Service

Building Perspective to Create a 2020 Vision
by KiMani Divine

How do we build a spiritual perspective to create a 2020 Vision? We do so by Unifying with Spirit. There are four components to help us. We will focus on, foundation, structure, filling the structure and the Holy Spirit called faith. From this perspective, the lens clears. Let’s come together as one voice, one heartbeat and one mind to truly see that Wherever we are God is and where God is all is well.

Guest speaker KiMani Divine is a leader in spiritual development, a published author, an expert in sacred healing retreats, and a Licensed Religious Science Practitioner with the Centers for Spiritual Living. She has honed the skills of customer care and the cultivation of interpersonal relationships through twenty-six years of public service. Through her work and traveling on sacred journeys, KiMani has developed a deep and profound respect for cultural differences. She has spent the last 7 years working her passion with Women Healing Zone, creating curriculums, teaching online workshops, and facilitation of numerous healing retreats. She describes herself as a serving leader, who thrives when helping others realize their unlimited potential and remember their Divinity while still on earth.

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