About Us

About Us

Unity of Sussex County

Solar panels on the roof at Unity of Sussex County

Thank you for visiting our internet home. We greet you with an open mind and heart. We love sharing our spiritual community with others. Whether you are visiting our website for the first time or are a regular internet guest, your energy blesses us.

We would also love for you to visit us at our Center located amidst the beautiful rolling hills of northwest New Jersey. Unity of Sussex County’s facility imparts a charming ambiance that inspires peace and well-being. Our exquisite sanctuary, sacred prayer room, beautiful grounds, large outdoor patio, spacious hall, comfortable meeting rooms and modern kitchen create a beautiful home for our spiritual community. We have recently built a Labyrinth on our grounds, which we invite all our neighbors to visit.

People of all races, religions, backgrounds, and lifestyles are welcome here, and we often hear people say “I feel like I am home.” Perhaps they feel loved and accepted just as they are. Our Mission Statement speaks to what we strive to deliberately create: To inspire people to be all that God has created us to be. Through the awareness of the Christ within, we are creating a joyful, accepting, spiritual community, demonstrating Universal love, peace and oneness.

We believe that every person can realize and express his or her own divine potential. Unity is more than a church – more than a school – more than a religion. Unity is a “way of life.” It teaches you how to bring a loving, caring God alive in your daily life. It is a spiritual movement for all individuals growing, seeking, unfolding, and becoming what they are truly meant to be. Unity has no creed requirements or rigid dogma. We encourage you to explore and apply Unity teachings based on your own spiritual understanding.

Unity has been teaching the Law of Attraction for over 100 years. Discover how the Unity teachings can assist you in transforming your life.


Our Mission
With joyful, open hearts we embrace diversity, encourage creative expression and empower spiritual growth.



Unity of Sussex County
Board of Trustees

John Kweselait, President
Sonja Augustus, Vice President
Karen Simpson, Treasurer


Kelly Grieco, Office Manager

Office Hours

Wednesday and Thursday, 9 a.m. to 2 p.m.

Other times are flexible. Please call 973-383-6277 for an appointment.

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