20 for 20 Fundraiser

Happy Anniversary Unity!

Anniversary gifts will be greatly appreciated! Please support our 20 for 20 Fundraiser. Our goal is $1,000 for each year here. Any size gift will help us get there.

We invite you to bring to mind your memories of Unity of Sussex County and how blessed your life has been by this community. Whether you have been with us for 20 years, 2 years, or 2 weeks, you have contributed to the legacy of love we are celebrating. Whether you still come every week, occasionally, or have moved on, your presence has been a blessing. Please support us in continuing to provide a sacred place to know God and share Truth so these blessings can continue for another 20 years.

Your gift, no matter what you can give, will honor this momentous occasion and help us continue to celebrate God in Sussex County. Thank you, thank you!! Your consideration and abundance is celebrated and appreciated!

This Fundraiser will continue to the end of 2018. You can click on the link below and donate via Paypal or Credit Card on our secure Website. You can also mail us a check or look for the Gift Box in the Lobby.

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