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Rev. Janice Billera
Spiritual Leader

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Welcome, friends! Thank you for experiencing our website. Here you can discover ideas and concepts that represent an extraordinary life. Unity offers a profound spiritual teaching and powerful tools that lead to personal growth and real transformation when studied and applied. My life is an amazing and joyous testament to the spiritual Truths that I have embraced, and now have the honor to teach.  Please visit this page often, as I will update it with inspirational messages based on current Sunday lessons and Spiritual Education classes being taught at our Center.

Peace & blessings galore,
Rev. Janice Biller

Surrender! Again?

Surrender is a spiritual buzz word that may still make us shudder.  Actually our soul is buzzed and encouraging us to surrender our self concept, our point of view, our need to be right, our confusion, and our defensiveness.  Wow, that is a lot for our ego mind to surrender,…

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What Will YOU Never Forget?

Last Sunday was the 15th Anniversary of 9/11. My talk to honor this event was titled Forever In our Hearts, which is not just one of the phrases associated with 9/11 but actually how it is imprinted upon anyone who was alive on the planet that day.  I know for…

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Fierce Prayer

I no longer prayer politely. Oh sure, I say thank you, but as Eric Butterworth points out, I see gratitude as a causitive energy, not good manners. Prayer for me has evolved from petitioning God to claiming and accepting my good. And yes, in my occasional dark moments, there is…

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Who’s the Boss?

If you live in New Jersey and love Rock & Roll, you might answer, Bruce Springsteen.  Well, at least I would as a Jersey Girl and long time Bruce fan. After seeing him in concert for the dozenth time this past week, I am still astonished by his vitality, resilience,…

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Seize The Day

I love bold statements! I am always inspired by invitations to “Seize the Day,” “Live your Best Life Now,” “Give your Greatest Gifts.” And I do try to follow these bold edicts by living my life fully and purposefully. However, sometimes I also notice that my ego mind can lead…

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